Biscuit Policy



Surprise Surprise! some people in Brussels decided that we need to warn you about cookies. Clearly, another example of the lack of understanding by the Eurocrats of true British culture, because cookies are from the USA (they were introduced to the UK by the Andy Williams show in the 1960′s).

Indeed, the biscuit has a strong cultural identity in the UK as the traditional accompaniment to our cuppa. In light of this, our website uses biscuits (not cookies) to help improve your browsing experience.

Anyway, you can rest assured that our biscuits do not infringe upon your privacy in any way. Also, we do not use any 3rd party’s biscuits on our website. All our biscuits have been home baked by our developers and contain ingredients from use of their natural organic thought processes, that provide a better experience to you while you are on our website.

You may prefer to block the use of our biscuits however, this will probably result in a degraded browsing experience. If you do want to block them, different browsers have their own method for changing biscuit settings, so we have put some links below that take you to instructions on how to do this.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our biscuit policy. dunk you!


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